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"He carries them close to His heart and gently leads those that have young." Isaiah 40:11

This verse popped straight out at me when my daughter (my second born) was just a few months old.

Back story: I hardly got some me time in the first couple of months right after she was born. I mean, who ever does, right?

is that even possible ? 🙈

I remember my husband telling me one day to just take a couple of hours off to go away and get that “me” time (Yes I know, he’s quite the catch 🤗). For me that usually meant a drive, a couple of hours at a cafe with a book and the Bible and some music and that’s exactly what I did. 📖☕️🎶

As I sat there at a table, the first wave of emotions flooding my heart were reeking of guilt. I hadn’t opened the Bible in so long, hadn’t gotten a routine down, had no idea of my purpose and vision anymore and so many “have nots”. I knew I had to shut my mind out for a bit and just allow truth to reign in my inner most being. So I turned the pages of my devotional and the Bible to the passage of the day and there it was, right in front of me. Every dot and every tittle so perfectly put down like it was written just for me right there in that moment.

I read it over and over again until it sunk into my system. And ever since, my journey as a mom has been one of grace and freedom. The “letting go” of many things came so much more easier, including all the unrealistic ideals I set for myself all rooted in self sufficiency and of course, the many instagram reels of stellar parents on a great parenting day perhaps.

Here began my adventure, where I fully began to lean on the everlasting arms to lead me in gentleness and grace as I nurture my little ones daily. I don’t always get it right but that’s why my prayer for my kids daily has been “Father in our weaknesses as parents let your strength be made perfect, they’re yours at the end of the day “ 🤗😊💜

Putting this down as a reminder for myself on a day that I’m going to need it the most and hopefully to serve as an encouragement to someone else too.


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