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3 Year olds can really give you some life altering moments , almost on a daily basis sometimes. Today was one of those moments for me.

It’s like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He just wouldn’t listen to anything we were asking him to do (or not do). Added to that he had a roller coaster of emotions causing him to say some really mean things too.

That was enough to trigger the “I am such a terrible mother “ response in me. As I sat there, almost in tears I quietly asked for divine intervention. My words and actions that followed were in obedience to that.

At one point I knew I had to stop but the “reinforcer” in me didn’t let that happen so I found myself going over what I said again, in a different way. To which the boy sincerely responded “Oh mumma it’s so boring when you talk so much.”

In that moment everything was fine with the world again as we both laughed our guts out together.This made me realise that many times , less is more, and if we let situations get the better of us we may tend to oversay / overdo to make things right . We may underestimate the power of simple things like laughter, lightning prayers, letting go and even silence to do its work. I need to stop feeding my need to have things happen a certain way and allow adventure to invade the mundane and grace to do its work in moments of obscurity.


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