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We did thumb painting at homeschool today. The son chose red the first time (ardent, second generation Manchester United supporter) and blue the second time around. After he was done, I stood behind him and helped him wash away the paint stains on his hands.

As we washed our hands together, the reds and the blues came together so beautifully on both of our palms and formed this gorgeous shade of Mauve. Nolan then shouted in excitement “Mumma, see how blue and red made this beautiful purple colour appear.”

I loved everything about this moment because it reminded me that:

1. We can literally use any experience to learn from it. 🧼

2. There’s so much meaning and beauty that can come from a mess as long as we have the right perspective🔍

3. When we are a teacher/mentor/guide, the process may leave us with messy hands for a brief period. But from it, our learner’s may also pick up lessons that even our words didn’t have to convey 📝

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May 29

This is beautiful

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