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How often do we take time out to just prepare? For tomorrow, for weeks ahead or generations to come? While there’s so much space for adventure and leaps of faith in the kingdom, I also see how important the act of preparation is, as well.

1. It can be messy at first - For real. Simply cause we’re trying to piece together different isolated elements together to make a meaningful whole. Yes, more often than not, the process is MESSY! Deal with it! Embrace it 🤗

2. It takes sacrifice that usually results in gain - Maybe that means giving up a few fleeting pleasures to profit something far more valuable - the gift of time perhaps, to enjoy meaningful moments than rushing past them 🗓

3. It irrigates the soil of hope - Nothing looks at despair right in its face and screams “DIE” like preparation does. You’re being and doing something today in the hope of a new dawn and a new chance at living a fulfilled life. It softens the soil of our unbelieving hearts where seeds of faith can be sown. And it’s’ fruits can be savoured not just by you but everyone you touch, through your journey of hope, of faith but most importantly - of LOVE.☀️

Without love, this process simply becomes a painful chore; another thing to tick off on your list .

Can we take a minute to think about how we can embark on this journey of preparation that can bring life to places in our hearts that are famished? What does that first step look like for you ? That’s all you need to figure out. And the best part - there’s someone who’s willing to walk that path with you, one step, one day at a time 💗


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