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Being a mumma is the best adventure I get to embark on! Do they drive me crazy sometimes ? Of course yes! Quite often I wait to put them to bed and once they’re asleep, I find myself looking at their angelic faces and staring in disbelief that they get to be mine. And then, instead of sitting and painting my nails (which I’ve been wanting to do for a while now), or taking a nice long shower, I find myself plonked on the chair looking at photos and videos of these two, waiting for the morning to come again so I can hear Nolan’s witty jokes or run behind Norah as she climbs that sofa and puts me in panic mode again.

And yes, I am going to wake up and complain that I didn’t get enough rest and that I want to sleep in some more but that’s the obscurity of motherhood I guess. You’d find that at the heart of every “sleep deprived or frustrated mumma” is just a bucketful of gratitude that she got to live one more long and exhausting day fully with her kiddos


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