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Over the last 5 months or more,everyone’s sense of normalcy has been redefined drastically.

I haven’t stepped out of the house for anything other than hospital visits or going to see my parents.

My world has changed so much just like everyone else’s. Ironically, the last 5 months have also been a period where I’ve experienced peace that truly makes no sense, that could only be Shalom that comes through Jesus.

Yesterday, however was different. I just let everything get to me. The uncertainty, the despair, the fear - everything just got to me. On the one hand, that weight pulled me down and on the other I started to condemn myself for feeling these things. I slept with such a heavy heart as I told God exactly what was happening inside me.

I woke up this morning to the smiles of my daughter and the cuddles of my son. As I took a step back and watched my two babies it brought so much of healing to my weary heart. It also reminded me to look at everything with hope through the eyes of a child. And just like a child is honest about her feelings, it’s totally okay for us to have those meltdowns with the Father. Who better to take it to than Him. He’s not mad at us for being upset or sad. He comforts us in these moments or gives us fresh perspective. He does everything He can to not leave us there. He’s a loving Father who is PRESENT for every moment! And He’s a Father who shows GRACE through every season . Now, I’m learning to show myself the grace that my Father always shows me and that has been so liberating.


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